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By Maxim Lott | Data from Worldometers.info

Why per capita death rates?
Media outlets typically report death counts in absolute numbers, which are not adjusted for population size. Such measures are essentially useless, and mislead more than they educate. They give the false impression that larger countries are doing worse than they really are, and are more dangerous than they really are.
Whether you want to know which regions are safest, or to know which leaders are doing the best job, COVID19Mapped.com aims to provide the best data on that in the clearest manner possible.

The data on COVID19Mapped.com is only as good as the data which national governments publicly release. While developed countries are relatively reliable, developing countries are likely dramatically undercount cases due to inadequate reporting; authoritarian countries may also intentionally under-count cases to make themselves look good. Data on COVID19Mapped.com is most reliable when comparing countries which are at a similar socioeconomic level.
Several countries are particularly noteworthy in how they count cases:
-- China and Iran are widely believed to be under-counting cases.
-- Some countries (such as the United States, Beligium, and France, among others) count all deaths that appear to be due to COVID as COVID deaths, even if a deceased person has not been tested.
-- Even the countries with the best reporting systems are struggling to report data perfectly. As a result, the graphs on the site are merely the best data available, and is imperfect. If you know of a critical caveat not mentioned here, feel free to send it to maxim.lott@gmail.com -- The data are sourced from the excellent Worldometers.info, which is "run by an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available." COVID19Mapped.com simply puts their data into maps which may make the data, and international comparisons, easily graspable.